Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winterise your Outboard Engine in 9 Easy Steps

A Guide to winterise your outboard engine in 9 easy steps!

See the full colour glossy version of this guide to winterise your outboard engine here.

1. Add Startron Petrol Additive (640032) to the fuel to stabilise the fuel and eliminate carbon build-up in the fuel delivery system and on exhaust components.
2. Run the engine up to operating temperature with cooling water supplied from Flush Muffs (630015).
3. Spray in Starbrite Fogging Oil (830483) through the carburettors until the engine stops. This will leave a protective coating on the internal surfaces of the engine.
4. Change the engine oil (4-stokes only) using Quicksilver 4-Stroke Oil (830415).
5. Remove the spark plugs and spray in Starbrite Fogging Oil (830483) before replacing the plugs finger tight.
6. Spray the whole power head lightly with a water repellent oil such as WD40 (420194).
7. Clean off & re-grease the control linkages & grease points using Quicksilver 2-4-C Multi-Purpose Lubricant (830410).
8. Change the gearbox oil with Quicksilver Gear Lube (830373).
9. Store your engine vertically on a Rooteq Outboard Trolley (630159) in a dry, well ventilated place ready for trouble free boating next spring!

Happy Boating!

Captain Loz

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