Thursday, 27 October 2011

PBO Bargain of the Month

The Seago Portable Dehumidifier. SAVE £70.00, RRP £189.95, ONLY £119.95

Every month we advertise a bargain of the month in PBO Magazine. For the latest issue we've included the perfect item for the cold winter months. The Seago Portable Dehumidifier. SAVE £70.00, RRP £189.95, ONLY £119.95

What is a dehumidifier?
It's an appliance that can help reduce the level of humidity in the air. The dehumidifier will then produce excess water as a result, which you can then remove.

Why do I need a dehumidifier?
Humidity in the air can lead to damp conditions which can in turn cause mould & mildew to form. This isn't what you want to return to after leaving your boat for any amount of time in a marine environment, which is generally a humid environment.

Seago Portable Dehumidifier Product Details:
Ideal for both the boat and home, this compact, lightweight & CFC free dehumidifier will reduce damage caused by condensation & mould. The auto defrost mode cuts in once the built-in sensor detects that the ambient temperature is lower than 15deg Celcius. then the compressor shuts off 10 mins every 40 mins. the fan motor stays in operation all the time so that the frost on the condensor can be reduced. This cycle continues until the temperature is higher than 16deg Celcius. the casing has convenient carry handles and durable non-slip rubber feet.
• Dehumidification: 12 ltr/day, 0.5kg/hour
• Air circulation: 111 cbm/hour
• Voltage: 240V
• Power consumption: 220W
• Quiet Operation: 49dB
• Compressor type: Rotary
• Reservoir capacity: 2.6ltr
• "Anti-bacteria" formula to prevent the propagation of mould and bacteria
• Pre-filter removes dust and pollutant particles
• Optional external drain facility (hose supplied)
• Built-in temperature sensor
• Working range: 5 to 35deg C
• Size: 41 x 32 x 58cm

Happy Boating!
Captain Loz

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