Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Clipper Round The World - We're supporting team Visit Finland!

Why are we supporting team Visit Finland you may ask? Well the teams skipper Olly Osborne is the brother of Julian Osborne who works in our Chichester Chandlery. And as anybody who uses our Chichester branch will testify Julian's such a nice and knowledgable chap, well we really couldn't support anybody else!

About The Race

For those of you who don't know what the Clipper Round The World Race is, it is essentially 40,000 miles of ocean racing, where the fleet of sailors are in identical 68-foot stripped down racing yachts. Those yachts are provided by the organisers and are then sponsored by either a city, a region or a country. The skippers are all talented sailors who are fully trained, and they lead the crews safely around the world. And anybody can join! Find out about signing up by clicking here.

About team Visit Finland

Total crew: 54 (34 Men & 20 Women)
Average Age: 46 (Oldest 67 & Youngest 19)
Nationalities Represented: 8

The Skipper; South Coast sailor, Olly Osborne, is amongst the ten-strong group of intrepid skippers selected for Clipper 11-12. Olly, 30, from Chichester, is among the line-up of international sailors who have been appointed to the prestigious and challenging position following a rigorous selection process.

As I write this Visit Finland are currently in second place, so the best of luck to Olly and all the other participants.

Happy Boating,

Captain Loz

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