Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Foxer Dinghy Sailing

Whilst out cycling on Sunday we detoured to the shore of the River Hamble, for one it’s a beautiful place to visit and two it’s good to get a feel for who’s about, are our shops busy, and what’s going on on the water.

I’m pleased to say that the river looked quite busy, lots of people on board their yachts and motor boats, and plenty of people going up and down the river.

What was really nice to see though was the competition between a fleet of Foxer dinghies. These are single handed dinghies, that I’ve subsequently been informed can be rowed, motorized or as I saw sailed. They looked very agile out on the water and tremendous fun.

I was also informed by our head Rigger that it’s not just youngsters who are competing in these dinghies, in fact far from it, they’ve been embraced by an older generation of sailors, who find them easy to maintain, a quick way to get on the water, and are so closely matched that tactics and blind luck can play a real part!

You can read more about the Foxer dinghy by clicking here:

If you’re interested in getting the correct gear for Foxer dinghy sailing check out some of these products that may come in handy:

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NEW! Dinghy Sailing Clothing ranges for 2011

Plus coming soon, we've got a whole new dinghy range in our Swanwick branch, this will include Marlow ropes dinghy sailing specific hardware, and of course the best dinghy sailing clothing from Gill, Henri Lloyd, Musto and Helly Hansen.

Happy Sailing!

Captain Loz

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