Friday, 25 March 2011

Are you prepared? Ship's grab bag checklist

Hello fellow boaters, well the weather certainly seems to be improving day by day in the Hamble. Which is fantastic news for all us fair-weather sailors!

Just to say we spotted a good article in the April edition of Yachting Monthly, it's all about creating a ship's grab bag checklist. They've split the list into the Most Important and General items, and then whether they're essential or optional for Coastal and Offshore sailing. A really handy guide, and a good read.

So we've been inspired to write up a list of products we think you should consider for your ship's grab bag (Prices are correct at time of blog being published 25/03/2011).

Important Items to consider for your Ship's Grab Bag:

EPIRB/PLB (GPS enabled are best) - We'd consider:

Communications - We'd consider:
Click here to go to Yachting Monthly's website.

Have a good weekend everyone, we hope you can stop by to visit us in one of our chandlery shops, and we hope you can get out on the water.

Happy Sailing,

Captain Loz

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