Friday, 4 March 2011

Top Tips for Preparing to Antifoul your boat

It's that time of year, and all around the marinas you'll start to see boats being readied for the new sailing season ahead.

Probably the most common bit of boat maintenance at this time of year is antifouling. It's a good idea to remember that to prevent an excessive amount of build up of barnacles and other marine growth you should consider antifouling your boat once a year (if it stays in the water!).

You shouldn't be scared of antifouling your boat, and if you have the time and the right tools it's a great way to save some money on the up keep of your boat.

Some useful tips for preparing to antifoul your boat:

  1. Get the correct paint. Different types of sailing, coupled with different types of berths require a certain type of antifoul. You can read our guide to choosing the correct antifoul by clicking here.
  2. Get the correct tools. We'll generally supply people with; Paint roller and tray, replacement rollers that are suitable for the paint, several pairs of disposable gloves, goggles, dust mask, wet-and-dry sanding paper, a small selection of differing sized paint brushes, masking tape, and the all important disposable suit. A good place to start is our paint protection kit (now reduced from £10.95 to £6.95)
  3. Get covered up. Make sure you don't get any of the old antifoul on you or the new antifoul on you. The tools mentioned above will help.
  4. Remove growths & barnacles. The hard part is rubbing down the hull and removing any rubbish. Make sure you rub down with wet sanding paper to avoid blistering. Seek an experts advice if you do see blistering.
  5. Don't let it peel. When you start going over the hull below the waterline make sure to check for peeling paint, and if necessary re-prime those areas.
  6. Damaged Gel Coat. Remember to fix chips in the gel coat, this can be repaired with an epoxy filler.
  7. Wash down. Power washers make this bit a lot easier!
Remember our shops are filled with experts, so if you get stuck you can always ask for advice. Chances are they've come across the same problem.

Now we've got even more shops, so you can buy the kit from them and grab advise at the same time:

Happy Sailing!

Captain Loz

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