Friday, 16 March 2012

Lets Race!

Spring traditionally marks the start of sailing competitions up and down the country. So we here at Force 4 Chandlery have compiled a list of must have products to get both you and your boat up to speed.

Also our head rigger is partaking in the Warsash Spring Series race, details of which can be found by clicking here.

Important sailing racing categories and links to racing products:

Maintenance - A well maintained boat will give you the edge on the racecourse and reduce downtime.
Clutch & Winch Servicing - Keeping your winches and clutches fully serviced will enhance their performance.
Blocks & Deck Hardware - Make boat handling easier and crew work more efficient by enhancing your boats hardware.
Standing & Running Rigging - Maintaining & tuning the rig is vitally important to the safe performance.
Safety Equipment - Be prepared for any emergency situation that may occur on board.
Books, DVD's & Navigation - Ensure your boat is fully optimised for the race course and you're up to speed with the latest techniques to give you that extra edge.
Sailing Racing Clothing - Look good on the racecourse with the latest in high performance technical clothing designed specifically for the racing sailor.
Custom & Pre-Made rigging - Upgrades to key rope can improve performance of the boat and make your life a little easier on board.

Plus remember we've got a full rigging work shop with 3 full time professional riggers who are able to set up rigs, create custom lines and offer assistance in setting up your boat to race. Check out our Rigging team by clicking here.

Happy Boating!

Captain Loz

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  1. When you are competing, you undoubtedly want to be sure that your boat and your sailing is in mint condition. But you should also be maintaining the boat throughout the rest of the year, repairing and replacing anything that needs it. Getting new chandlery for above of below deck doesn’t need to be expensive though, as there are many sites online with large catalogues and plenty of discounts on offer too!