Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Messing about on the River

I was lucky enough to be invited out on the water on Bank Holiday Monday. Although it was an incredibly early start and I did have second thoughts about the whole thing when my alarm was going off.
The invite was from my Uncle, who along with my Granddad make regular trips out onto the Solent in their Fishing Boat from their idyllic mooring on the Beaulieu River, just next to Exbury Gardens.
Both have had close affiliations with the water throughout their lives, my Granddad having served in the Navy and my Uncle having worked in the Marine industry for the past 40 years. My future Brother-in-law had also been invited out for his first foray into the black art of sea fishing. This was my second such trip out, and I was positive of beating my tally of zero from the previous voyage!
The weather was beautiful, a nice cool breeze and beaming sunshine. After the mistakes of my last voyage i'd remembered to pack sun block, baseball cap (Knackered Sailor edition, Captain was snapped up quickly) and sunglasses. Sun burnt is not my idea of fun.

Before the fishing was an early morning breakfast of bacon rolls and a cup of tea, prepared on the inboard hob & cooker, which is an absolute must if you can afford the space and cost. And not forgetting the classic stainless steel kettle. Also a new product we've got in for carrying an array of mugs without spilling hot drinks all over the decks is the Muggi. Well worth a look.

We boarded the Sea Otter and embarked up the river towards the Solent. It takes roughly 30 minutes to go from the mooring at Exbury to the mouth of the River and your entrance into the Solent. It's a truly fascinating journey as well, as you're surrounded not only by some beautiful yachts and motor cruisers, but, dotted on the banks of the River are some huge houses as well. Two of which had helicopter pads!

By the time we reached my Uncle's fishing spot (sworn to secrecy on the location) I was raring to go, he'd talked up the possibility of Bass and Pollocks and how they'd be practically leaping into the boat!
We setup our rods and bait and began to wait...
3 minutes in and my future brother in law caught a smooth hound (a small one that in know way resembled a shark).
5 minutes in my Granddad caught a Pollock
20 minutes in my Granddad caught another Pollock
30 minutes in my Granddad caught a dogfish...

And so it went on for the next 3 hours.

My Uncle wasn't fishing so his tally of zero is understandable, my brother in law finished on 1, and my Granddad ended proceedings with 10, and he lost a further 4!
I once again ended the trip on 0, much to the amusement of everyone else. I did however hook and retrieve more rocks than anybody else.

If you get the chance to visit Beaulieu River it really is a great spot, Bucklers Hard, Exbury and Beaulieu are great spots to visit by boat.

Items i'd recommend taking on a fishing trip:
Happy Sailing,

Captain Loz

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